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Mr. Brian Horgan Returns as Director of the Upper School


With the new school year underway at Gilmour Academy, new and familiar faces come together as a community. Policy refinement, tenacious hopes, trivial fears, and dynamic goals happen while students look to be inspired by leadership that directs the development of each and every young person, spearheading and giving a unified direction to the efforts of the teachers and other vital staff and faculty members.

Mr. Brian Horgan recently returned to his former position of 11 years as Director of the Upper School. Having taken the Assistant Head of School position, Horgan primarily interacted with faculty and fellow administrators. Now, he shares his excitement to be back and in closer contact with students again, offering meaningful advice and insights for the greater good of the student body as well as becoming a beacon of success, lighting the way to the greatness of the future.

“[We must maintain] a sense of commitment to use our talents for the greater good.”

As far as expectations go, Mr. Horgan firmly believes in an inclusive community that allows each person to become their own “authentic” self. He hopes to create a nurturing, positive academic atmosphere in which school becomes fun but challenging, in order to promote the growth and development of the entire person not just the mind. As each student is admitted to Gilmour Academy, the vision is that essentially each will “embrace what it means to be a part of the Gilmour community… and gain a sense of shared purpose. [We must maintain] a sense of commitment to use our talents for the greater good.”

With this purpose in mind, Horgan notes that each member of the Gilmour community has a unique background. He said, “Gilmour Academy’s Upper School is composed of over 510 students… all bring stories.” He believes that with these stories come gifts, whether academic, athletic, or artistic, and these very characteristics define the student body as a community. Seeking to “bring out the best” in every person, Horgan plans to revisit the curriculum, and goals of Gilmour’s academic and spiritual outcomes, in an attempt to further incorporate more experiential learning opportunities, indicating the need for diversified teaching tactics. Horgan explains, “As an independent school, we have limitless potential.”

“We [Gilmour Academy] act out of clarity and purpose.”

It is clear that the stakes are higher than ever; however, Horgan, facing each trial with renewed strength and zeal, welcomes the challenge. He said, “We [Gilmour Academy] act out of clarity and purpose.”


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