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Shows of Love Continue for Mr. Tiho Teisl

Every day, students sign cards for Mr. Tiho Teisl that are sent to him each week.

“Tiho Teisl is a legend. He has my highest respect.” This comes from Mrs. Linda Wheeler, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Student Life. She has worked with Mr. Teisl for 15 years.

Students sign cards for Mr. Teisl.

Ever since Mr. Tiho Teisl, former Dean of Student Life & Discipline, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer on June 5, the prayers, cards, gifts, and tributes during this difficult time have been continuous. The Gilmour community, touched by Mr. Teisl’s warm heart and contagious smile, makes cards for him as a simple gesture because sometimes little gestures can mean the most.

The Girls Soccer team dedicates every game to him and players wrap purple tape around their wrists with a letter T. Also in his honor,  each member of the Varsity Football team signed the ball used in the game against Hawken and sent it to him. These small efforts demonstrate big love for a man who dedicated 45 years of his life to Gilmour Academy.

Boys Soccer Coach Joe Ciuni stands with Mr. Tiho Teisl before a game.

Megan Miller (`18), captain of the Girl’s Soccer team said, “Mr. Teisl has always played a huge role as a part of the girls soccer program at Gilmour. He is always going to be our number one fan. I remember before some of the biggest games of my high school career, like the state championship last season, Mr. Teisl always knew what to say to get us focused and feeling confident. He made every player on the team feel like his favorite all the time which shows a lot about how inspiring he is.”

Hannah Loncar (`18), a captain of the Girls Lacrosse team comments on Mr. Teisl when she says, “I enjoyed having Mr. Teisl as our Dean of Students for many reasons. Walking down the hallway and seeing his smiling face would always spread positivity throughout the school. His jokes made everyone laugh and we learned to appreciate the time we would spend talking to him. Mr. Teisl’s school spirit had a huge impact on the student body and his presence at sporting events was always acknowledged. He was a great example of a selfless person when he spoke about the children in Honduras.”

Danielle Porter (`18)  has known Mr. Teisl both in and out of school, as he is her uncle. She explains how truly amazing he is, and how actively involved he is with the student body. She also said her uncle loves to spend time with his children and grandchildren. Porter shared, “My favorite memory of him was when we were on vacation with my mom’s side of the family and he went fishing one of the days, then ended up cooking dinner for the whole family with the fish he caught.” While Porter is concerned for her uncle’s health, she knows that her memories with him will live forever.

Mr. Teisl spends time with his grandchild.

Mr. Tiho Teisl started at Gilmour Academy in 1971 and recently was honored for 45 years of service. He says his family and home will always be at Gilmour Academy. Mr. Teisl is known throughout the community to be a compassionate, hard working, and motivated individual. He lived in the dorms, coached Boys Soccer, currently is the timekeeper for Girls Soccer, taught Spanish, served as Dean of Student Life & Discipline, was active with Kairos and other retreat programs, and led the Honduran mission team for Gilmour.

Mr. Brian Horgan, Director of the Upper School, reflected that Mr. Teisl had a perfect balance of command and respect with the student body. Mr. Horgan said, “There is no doubt he had the most impact through his love for the Honduras project. His passion for service was contagious.”

Little things appear to spark an instant smile on Mr. Teisl’s face. Whether it is watching soccer or working in the beating hot sun of Honduras, he has a smile the community grew to love. Mr. Teisl is widely regarded as a role model and friend. Currently, he enjoys being home, attending sporting events, and visiting the students and faculty of Gilmour.

Fr. John Blazek (`58) visits with Mr. Teisl during this time of treatment. Fr. Blazek said, “With all prayers, anything is possible.”

Mr. Tiho Teisl receives the “Guardian Angel of the Children of Honduras” Award on September 15.