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Murphy Residence Hall Allows At-Home Freedoms

Gilmour Academy's Murphy Residence Hall sits on 144 acres and can accommodate up to 70 students.

Gilmour Academy offers an on-campus opportunity to students who don’t live in the area. The Murphy Residence Hall currently holds 56 students and seven residence hall staff members. There are two sides of the dorm, the boys and girls, and every floor has a designated proctor. While resident students live in the dorm, there are some freedoms allowed. Students are allowed to sign out with other students who live in the area and spend some time off campus.

Now the signing in and out process is run through the new system Boardingware. Boardingware was put in at the beginning of this school year. The goal is to make it easier for the proctors to know where the students are. There are a total of four Ipads in the dorm for this, two near the front entrance and two near the back entrance. These Ipads are for the students to click on their names and digitally indicate where they are going and who they will be with.

Hall residents also allowed to have cars on campus. They are able to drive themselves off campus and travel with friend when their own parents grant permission. Eric Malcarney (`17), a three year resident student, shared what his experience has been like living in the residence hall. “I’ve had a great experience living in the dorms. I’ve met many new people from all over the world, and they have become some of my closest friends. Living in the dorms, you get a lot more freedom than you think.” He then continued by saying “The dorms have been there to help me tremendously, whether it was making sure I had a ride to the airport, to giving me medicine late at night when I wasn’t feeling well.”

One unique part of the living in the dorms, is that every Sunday night at 7:30 p.m., the dorm gathers together as a community for dorm prayer. Ms. Rebecca Reidy, Dean of Residential Life, stresses how important this time together as a community is. “ One reason is because we want to make sure we are living out the Holy Cross Mission and make sure the mission is being shared. This is also a great time for community building. Yes, everyone lives together but there are not many times when we have all of the residents together in one room.”

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