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Three Girls, Two Titles


Girls Soccer and Girls Basketball were able to set school records by being the first teams in school history to win a state title for their sport. Three students were a part of both teams that won a state championship this year: Marielle Majer (‘17), Grace Mullen (‘17), Alexys Foster (‘19).

Alexys Foster (`19)

As an incoming junior, Foster has two years ahead to continue to break records. She said, “I will definitely use my experiences from this year in my future years at Gilmour. During both soccer and basketball, I learned that teamwork is the only way you can make things happen.”  Foster believes this determination of returning players from both teams will definitely be a driving force for the upcoming seasons.

Foster said that, “Having a strong team bond makes it easier to have chemistry on the field or court.”  She appreciates winning two titles in her sophomore year because she now knows what it takes to win and how important having a good team dynamic is to the success of the season.

Grace Mullen (`17)

Mullen agreed that the bond the soccer team had was undeniable. By starting off her senior year with such a strong team and accomplishments, she said, “It brought imaginations to reality. Winning states first in soccer somewhat exaggerated the drive of passion I had to do it again.”

Marielle Majer (`17)

Ending two careers on such high notes, Mullen will always be able to remember the feeling of playing in the state finals games, “It’s a once in a life-time experience and it’s truly just amazing to have done it twice. It’s hard to put those emotions into words.”

When looking back at the season, Majer noted that the support the school gave contributed to their success. In Majer’s words, “Our basketball coach always says ‘you win with people,’ and I believe this to be true. I think that the support that each team had from fans, family, friends, and the Gilmour community made a difference in the success of the programs.”

Although Majer and Mullen are sad to have ended their high school careers, they both are grateful to have achieved two state titles. Looking forward, Foster said, “Winning states makes you hungry for more, it makes you want to go back every year after that.”


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