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Gilmour Baseball Prepares for State Tournament


As spring is here, so is baseball. The Boys Baseball team has been practicing hard for this year’s state tournament. The team currently has a record of 9-5. Accomplishments include their win against Lake Catholic (who they have not beaten in many years), winning their double header, playing in the Lake County Captains Stadium, and having their first home run of the season.

What makes this season different from others is that the team is very young. Only three players on the team have had prior varsity experience. This does not set the team back though. Mr. Jay Fowler, Baseball Varsity Head Coach, said, “There are few players with prior varsity experience, so we have many new players and we are seeing how they break in.”

Players said their recent opportunity to play at the Lake County Captains Stadium in Eastlake was an amazing opportunity for the team to see what it is like to play on a minor league baseball team. Will Jevnikar (`17) said, “It felt awesome to have the chance to play on the same field that many young players with dreams of making it to the MLB have played on.” This was also the first time for Coach Fowler to win in a minor/major league stadium.

When playing against University School, Jack Krebs (`19) was thrilled that he was able to make his team proud in hitting the first home run, which allowed the team to have two runs. Krebs described this moment and said, “There is no better feeling than hitting your first varsity home run in an intense game.” The team feels confident and is preparing for their state tournament.

Fowler said their focus is “to get as far as possible in the state tournament, be great teammates, and understand how to be  leaders.” To accomplish this, Fowler said, “Having a good mental state and sacrificing individual success for the overall success of the team is what each player needs to do.” Each game, Fowler tells his teammates that the “most important component is having a great attitude, winning the mental game, and being good teammates to each other.”

The team has won against Kirtland High School, Wickliffe High school, Western Reserve Academy, and University School. The boys are excited to see how far they can get in the tournament starting on May 9.