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Baking for Rainbows: Where the Money Goes

Izzy Greene (`18), Connie Holman (`18) and Maria Savani (`18) help students purchase baked goods from the Baking for Rainbows club.

Baking for Rainbows is a new club started by Maria Savani (`18). Students and faculty members may think of the club as a simple bake sale, but the club was created to help children.

Savani, Erin O’Connell (`18) and Lucky Jaffe (`18) talked last year about wanting to help out in the community. They agreed to start a club. Savani said, “We wanted to create a club that was enjoyable, fun, affected everybody, and would make people want to help others.” The discussion led them to consider providing food for the hungry. Savani said what really sparked the idea to start Baking for Rainbows was Gilmour’s limiting of desserts to promote good health at lunch.

People may wonder why Savani, O’Connell, and Jaffe chose to donate to Rainbow Babies Children’s Hospital. They all felt that the work the hospital did was genuine and they wanted to be confident that the money they donated would in fact benefit many people. They also wanted to donate to the Rainbow Babies Children’s Hospital because of the annual rainbow run Gilmour has in the summer.

Rainbow Babies Children’s Hospital is known for their Children’s Miracle Network, which is an international non-profit organization dedicated to helping children by raising funds and awareness for children’s hospitals throughout North America. Baking for Rainbows is able to help children with diseases.

Erin Dietrick (`17) said, “I feel good knowing that my money is going to Rainbow Babies Children’s Hospital. I had a friend growing up who received treatment from there. It’s nice to give back to an organization that has helped my friend and many others.”

Savani said, “Each month on average we raise $300. This year, we have raised a total of $1,011. Our goal is to raise $1,500, and I’m confident we can do this with the help of our student body.”

A message Savani wants the Gilmour community to know is that “helping can be fun.”  Many students have joined Baking for Rainbows because they enjoy baking and know that doing something they love is helping the community.

Savani said, “If you put your mind to something and use your interests and talents, anything is possible.”

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