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International Student Miranda Miao: When Asia Encounters America


Miranda Miao (`17) is a Chinese international student who is known for her good academic records. Besides that, her enthusiasm is also appreciated by her friends. According to Brian Allen (`20), Miao adopts western ideas and knowledge while practicing a solid foundation of Asian morality. She is very inclusive and usually has unique perspectives towards things.

Michael De Crevecoeur in 1782 describes Americans as pilgrims who left their original country to become part of a vast ‘melting pot’ in which they could contribute based on their hard work and talent. America is a society that can tolerate people of different ethnic origins, religions, and sexuality.

Although Miao thinks many inequalities still exist in America, she highly appreciates the American spirit.

Miao said that she identifies herself as a democrat because of her advocacy for racial, economic, and gender equality. Therefore, she chose to work for Hillary Clinton’s campaign during the election. She worked for Hillary Clinton’s grassroots campaign in Ohio from August to November of 2016. She did basic jobs like phone banking, canvassing, voter registration, and volunteer soliciting. Miao said, “It is very inspiring to work for Hillary and her political capital and potential prove that women are just as capable as men.”

Besides her perspectives in politics and human rights, Miao is famous for her intelligence and enthusiasm.

She said, “Gilmour Academy is a very open and diverse community, so it is easy to make friends. A simple smile or ‘Hi’ might just help you start a new friendship. In addition, there are all kinds of extra-curricular activities at Gilmour thereby you get to bond with your peers.” Miao is able to make friends with students of diverse backgrounds. Nikhil Nair (`17) comments, “She is very inclusive, intelligent, and caring.” She appreciates different cultures and ideas.

Miao also does well in Speech and Debate. She participates in Student Congress, which is a category in the debate. She said, “It helps you grapple with congressional tussle by making you research on contemporary domestic and international issues.”

Teachers also express that they like Miao academically and personally.

Mr. Richard Grejtak, former English and Foreign Language Instructor, said, “Miranda Miao is a most conscientious student. She always uses plentiful evidence and data to support her essay in AP Composition last year. Her arguments on any topic were very cogent. On her more personal note, she always displayed friendliness and cordiality.”


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As an Asian student who joined the school's Black Alliance Club, Charlie Xie ('20) engages himself in a cultural discourse that goes beyond cultural boundaries. Being a keen observer of both Eastern and Western culture, Charlie investigates people's behavior in different societies, and whether that behavior results from specific circumstances of that society, or is it the manifestation of a larger trend unbeknownst to him. Charlie is interested in culture, history, anthropology, philosophies and other subjects of humanities. He, however, doesn't view them as branches of studies. He regards them as ways of life or knowledge that is required for a qualification of the global citizenship. He is also very interested in math and science.