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New Campus Technology Offers Improved Access and Appeal

Wires connected to Gilmour's new data center.

Technology at Gilmour has dramatically changed this year.  From a new email system to a totally different website, the tech-related staff has been busy.

unnamed-4Something that can go unnoticed is the cable wiring throughout campus.  The wires are the backbone of telecommunications that allows the Gilmour Community to communicate on campus and with the outside world. The Academy’s old network of cables lasted over 18 years. This past summer, just about all the fiber optic cabling was replaced and is expected to last 20 years.  All the wires connect to a data center in Rockne, the building attached to the Field House.

Students can now access their Gilmour email on Gmail.  Mr. Dan Adiletta, Coordinator of Academic Technology, conducted a poll last year asking if students would support switching to Gmail.  Almost all students said yes, so it took a six-month-long planning process to make it happen.  Mr. Christopher Grau, Director of Technology, mentioned the process was supposed to end this December. Grau said, “The process went faster than anticipated.”  Logan Wright (`18) said, “Using Google for my school email really helps me stay organized.”

The new wiring and switch to Gmail are two of three major changes. Gilmour also has a new website for the 2016-17 school year. Mr. Adiletta’s wife, Laura Adiletta, led the process to rewrite the whole website. As an outside observer herself, Mrs. Adiletta was able to frame information for new visitors. The new LMS system took nine months to prepare. The portal is said to be more user friendly. Jack Bujoll (`17) said, “The website provides a new, professional aesthetic to Gilmour.”

The web development doesn’t stop at Gilmour’s front page. Gilmour’s courses are going deep into web programming. Over the summer, some students studied web development and actually got paid to design a company’s website.

Eric Ulchaker (`17) said, “Developing web design skills allowed me to focus more on being a creative individual and thinking of new ideas whether it be for company’s website or in general on how to improve something.” Mr. Adiletta notes what he hopes will give students a defining edge in a tech-savvy society. He said, “Gilmour can be unique and stand out as a regional leader in web development.”

Tech at Gilmour appears to be evolving.  Seven state -of-the-art Ricoh Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) cloud printers have been added throughout Gilmour. Wi-Fi access and speed have also increased.  A donation was made to add a Cisco WebEx Telepresence system in room SC 09. The Telepresence System allows students and faculty to talk to people world-wide. Room SC 08 is the new location for the Tech Office.

More changes are expected. Grau said, “In the future, the Tech Department wants to expand the wireless network to increase capacity and performance and replace the entire phone system around campus.”

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