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New Clubs Capture Excitement Beyond the Classroom


Knowing the academic day is over, students stroll to their lockers with cheer and chatter. Many don’t go home after 3:20 P.M. They remain on campus to learn and serve in clubs that provide opportunities for growth beyond the classroom.

Over 50 clubs offer students the opportunity to explore their curiosities and discover their passions. These clubs provide extensive learning in a joyous manner because students become engaged with each other by sharing their interest through activities without the pressure and stress of grades.

Mr. Ray Screnci, Instructor in Mathematics, oversees the clubs program. He works with teachers who moderate the clubs ranging from Peace and Justice Club to Students Against Destructive Decisions and TILT Literary Magazine to Speech and Debate.

Each year, interests change and new clubs emerge from students who want to share their eagerness. The 2016–2017 school year includes the arrival of Photography Club.

Photography Club is open to any student who is enthusiastic about photography. Peyton Rudman (`18) and Lily Switka (`18) lead the club advised by Mr. Mark Most, Instructor in Fine Arts.

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-12-54-04-pmAssignments are distributed at every meeting. Members must photograph a subject and be prepared to share and discuss their work at the next gathering. Photographs are analyzed and interpreted by club participants. Students learn how to improve camera usage, gain awareness of what is around them, and how to be intentional when taking pictures.

Meetings are held every other Tuesday after school in room AC202, located on the second floor of the Middle School. No previous experience is required to join the club, and members are expected to attend at least three meetings out of the year. Cameras will not be supplied, but any camera or phone a student has available can be used. All camera types are permitted.

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-12-54-35-pmAccording to Rudman and Switka, the Photography Club bestows new possibilities by creating an avenue for students who enjoy photography and want to share their images in a community-based environment without having to take photography courses.

Rudman said, “I want members to gain a sense of creativity and a sense of boldness where they aren’t afraid to show the world what they are interested in through their pictures.”

Other new clubs include Calligraphy Club, Music Design and Composition, and Baking for Rainbows. See Screnci for details.