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Phone Explosions and Electrocutions Causing Trouble for Samsung Users


Most people charge their phones overnight. There is never really a thought process behind it, though. Using a phone in bed is also something many do, but they don’t understand how risky that could be. Some people using Samsung phones have recently become victims to fires and electrocution risk while charging their phones or even just having them in bed.

According to Fox61, “The lithium-ion batteries used in these devices have pressurized containers that may rupture if the temperature rises quickly or melt down if heated for a long period of time.” In simpler terms, the battery can overheat and either start a fire or melt. The phone’s air vents being covered causes this. There is no place for the excess heat to go other than back into the phone. As a result, some people recently have become victims to not only burns but also electrocution and fires.

In Hamden, the fire department had to respond to a house fire cause by a cell phone under a pillow on a bed. Thankfully the fire put itself out and the house had little to no damage. This situation is an eye opener. When you plug in at night, you have to remember that there is always a danger. Keep electronics away from closed-in areas and away from your person. They are susceptible to wear. Along with this wear can come frayed cords which can expose the wires inside the protective rubber. To be safe, do not plug in electronics on a bed, sofa, etc. and always remember to unplug things not in use.

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