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Kelly Davis

Kelly Davis has a passion for photography and was inducted into the National Art Society.

Attending: Northwestern University

Major: Chemical Engineering

Next fall, Kelly Davis (`16) will be attending Northwestern University located in Evanston, Illinois, which is right outside of Chicago.

When she visited NU’s campus, she instantly fell in love and knew it was where she wanted to go. She said, “It just felt right, and no other college seemed to do that.”

On top of the beauty of the campus, Davis was impressed with the engineering program and was impressed by it being a Big 10 school. “Big 10” describes universities that are part of a conference made up of fourteen colleges.

In addition to furthering her knowledge of chemical engineering, Davis hopes to keep running and maybe get involved with the sailing club or yoga. She explained that those actives would help her to relieve the stress of a heavy course load.

Davis had several words of advice for underclassmen getting started with the college process:

  1. Get tutors for the SAT and ACT. Tutors help a ton and having good scores can expand one’s realm of college choices. It is easy for highly selective schools to disregard the rest of a student’s resume if scores are very low.
  2. Know your college. NU is a college that likes to see well-rounded students with strong test scores and extra curricular activities. Other colleges, for example, may look more at academics and be looking for a completely different type of student.
  3. Apply early. Early decision/action can be a huge stress reliever and it is absolutely worth it.

As a concluding remark, Davis encourages students to “apply wherever you see yourself happy, because you never know where you could get in.”




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Caroline Ursu (`16) grew up, and currently lives in Richmond Heights, Ohio. The 2015-16 school year marks Caroline’s twelfth year at Gilmour Academy, and her second time as a member of the Lance staff. For 9th grade, Caroline attended Hawken. She currently writes on the Senior column. She plans to major in Business at Elon University. Caroline is a second-year member of Peace and Justice Club, a third-year member of SADD, a third-year member of the Blue and Gray Society, and a first-year member of The Measles. She was also an extra in the movie Draft Day. You can find Caroline practicing gymnastics in her free time.