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New Tech Teacher Emphasizes Digital Age Instruction


Mr. Dan Adiletta, Coordinator of Academic Technology, said, “I am not partial to a specific brand, I am a fan of what works, and I think everybody at Gilmour should be able to use what works for them.”

The “LancerTech” plan aims to make sure that the software Gilmour implements will be friendly to everyone, whether they are using Windows, Mac, Chromebook, etc. In phase one of four, right now the focus is on making school technology user convenient and friendly.

Challenges voiced by students and faculty include printing issues and complications with the portals. To thwart some of the challenge, Gilmour will be launching an entirely new web site and portal system next year. Gilmour Academy will also be switching its email system to Gmail. “Google creates very user-friendly environments, and over 70% of Gilmour students already use Gmail as their personal email.” Meanwhile, easier printing solutions are being evaluated with input from Student Council.

Long-term LancerTech software goals include programs that monitor student responses in classes allowing teachers to pin-point areas of difficulty for each student. In order to best help students succeed in every academic endeavor, Adiletta said, “I would like to use programs that could possibly predict a student getting a bad grade on a test before they even take that test.” Programs like these could even give counselors an opportunity to work with students before they submit for credit. Counselors can be alerted to areas of student difficulty before tests are taken, so students have additional direction for preparation before any big test.

Adiletta said that the LancerTech plan is projected to take years to fully implement, but once it is, Gilmour would be in a unified digital environment. A goal he has for Gilmour is to be known for its use of technology: “I want people to hear ‘Gilmour’ and think ‘Oh, that’s the school doing all that cool tech stuff.’”

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Jimmy Novinc (`16) grew up in Lyndhurst, Ohio and currently lives in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. The 2015-16 school year marks Jimmy’s fourth year at Gilmour Academy, and his debut as a member of The Lance staff. For grades K-8, Jimmy attended Sacred Heart of Jesus Academy (formerly known as St. Gregory The Great). He currently writes about technology, as he plans to major in Computer Information Systems at the University of Mount Union. He is a four-year member of men’s varsity swim team. His twin sister, grace, is two minutes older than him. In his free time, Jimmy likes to watch Netflix and play with his dog, Pfreddy.