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Seniors Earn Privileges and Set Cooperative Tone


The Class of 2016 has earned privileges for the second semester. According to Mr. Jon Wanders, Director of the Upper School, the seniors are permitted to wear “oxfords or polo shirts of any solid color or plaid pattern. On Fridays only, boys and girls may wear GA or college sweatshirts.” Administration urges the senior class to continue being role models for succeeding grade levels.

During a class meeting, Wanders explained that the seniors must show “responsibility and accountability” in all aspects. When asked about the meaning of this, Andrew King (`16) said, “Every year, Mr. Wanders speaks of being present. This is directly proportional to engagement, cooperation, and collaboration. The seniors can do this by attending sports events, cleaning up the Student Center, and simply participating in student life.”

Wanders emphasized that seniors earn their privileges each day. The administration will continue to allow more privileges for the Class of 2016. This can be accomplished by thoughtful acts like partaking in the blood drive or by being on time to Convocation, which can enable the seniors to make this school year meaningful.

When asked about her preference for additional privileges, Megan Misencik (`16) said, “I would like to wear different colored socks and sweatshirts every day. I think our class is going to show more school spirit, and I plan to live up to the message of being present.”

Tyler Kallay (`16), a self-described “no nonsense kind of guy” seems neutral on the topic. He said, “I want to wear joggers every day, but unfortunately that’s not formal enough.”

According to Juliana Lanese (`16), earning more privileges should not be the only senior goal. Lanese said, “As graduation approaches, we should make the best out of each day and remember that our high school experience will be over before we know it.”

With the encouragement of Wanders and the administration, seniors are working towards obtaining more privileges. To achieve this, seniors can be involved in student life, events, and efforts. Student Council works to maintain a regular dialog with Wanders.

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Jessica Sivillo (`16) grew up and currently lives in Mentor, Ohio. The 2015-16 school year marks her fourth year at Gilmour Academy and her first and second time as a member of The Lance staff. For grades K-8, Jessica attended St. Mary's of The Assumption. She currently writes about a wide variety of topics including editorials and features. Jessica plans to major in Communications or Pre-Law at The University of Tampa. Jessica is a leader of The Measles Initiative, a four-year member of Peace and Justice Club, a four-year member of SADD, and a two-year Eucharistic minister. She is very passionate about working with special needs people. In her free time, Jessica likes to hang out with her friends, ice skate, and play volleyball.