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Speech and Debate: An Inspiration


By Richard Nagy `16

Every year, the Speech and Debate team’s unique talent pool evolves. New members join because of an interest in speech or debate, or because of an inspiration.

Pyper McDowell (`18) said, “My sister Madison (`15) participated in Speech and Debate, and I would often hear her practice. I always wanted to try it.” McDowell shared her thoughts on who she believes holds the team together, and she said that “Jaret Ross (`16) does because you can hang out with him, and he isn’t boring, especially since he’s a new member.” Having energy is a vital part of being on a team, according to McDowell.
Additionally, the team has mentors to help guide new members. Zach Holtz (`18) said, “Christian Borkey (`16), and Sean Kelley (`16) are always helping out the novice people.” Kelley and Borkey are in their final year of Speech. Holtz said, “Since we have very few debaters, I think that Ron Ryavec (`16) is also a strong base of the team because he really excels in that area of debate.”

Holtz explained that his inspiration for joining speech was when he saw “Sean Kelley and Cassandra Williams perform a duo piece.” He said it was the “coolest thing, and it was so exciting to take part in something like that.”

It was the coolest thing, and it was so exciting to take part in something like that. Zach Holtz (`18)

From being siblings to observing speech presentations, members have had different inspirations for joining Speech and Debate. If you feel inspired, talk to Mrs. Gay Janis in SC07. Maybe you will join and inspire someone else.