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Dealing With Senior Pressure


By Juliana Lanese `16

Senior year, the year of ACT/SAT scores, college applications, college visits, and making final decisions is on every senior’s mind. The time is ticking; seniors are making vital decisions that will impact the rest of their lives.

Kaitlin Kramer (`16) offers some personal advice for the current seniors, “The easiest way for me to balance school and college is doing homework during the week and college applications on the weekends.”

Seniors are balancing school and college at the same time. Mrs. Tracy Stockard, Director of College Counseling, and Ms. Catehrine Sylstra, Assistant Director of College Counseling, offer these tips to balance school and college:

1. Plan Ahead: Throughout the college process it’s important to be organized and plan everything out. Stockard emphasized that deadlines are very important. She said, “Don’t wait to the last minute to hit your deadlines.”

2. Have a Healthy Balance: How you manage your school and college work matters. Sylstra said, “Always set time out of the day to complete applications and take an hour of your day on the weekends.”

3. Listen to Yourself: Focus on your goal in life. Sylstra said, “Sometimes it’s hard to listen to the voice inside. I encourage students to take time and consider what’s in their hearts.”

4. Have Humor: It’s important to have fun with the college process. Explore a variety of colleges. Stockard said, “It’s all about fitting in there. It doesn’t matter about the name of the college.”

5. Employ Family: Always know that your family is with you and you’re not alone in the college process. Stockard said, “Give your parents a task. They want to be helpful in any way they can.”

Students should not be hesitant to stop by their college counselor’s office or schedule appointments. Students must maintain a positive outlook throughout the college process.