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20th Fair Trade School in Nation


The 20th

It is official. Gilmour Academy is the 20th school in the United States to commit to Fair Trade organizations around the world. This recognition is credited to the Peace and Justice Club, which has focused greatly on Fair Trade issues. Mrs. Kathryn Petros, Instructor in Religion, said, “Fair Trade helps the Gilmour community embody more fully its Mission statement, and encourages individuals to live the Holy Cross Charisms in a real way.”

Fair trade gives us the opportunity to stand up for our global neighbors who grow the food we eat and sew the clothes we wear.

Fair Trade is a movement to encourage fair working conditions for people who make our necessities and who encounter unfair working conditions. Schools need to form a team, commit to Fair Trade activities, and offer Fair Trade products in order to be officially recognized as Fair Trade schools. Gilmour’s team will be open for anyone to join to make a difference. The Gilmour community has been active with the Fair Trade movement following the summer reading book, “Where Am I Wearing?” by Kelsey Timmerman.

Fair Trade in Gilmour

For Halloween, Peace and Justice Club members shared over 500 pieces of Fair Trade chocolate with friends and families while passing out candy. Club member, Jordan Robinson (`17) said, “Giving awareness as well as being an active participant is the only way to make a difference.”

The Peace and Justice Club will also be working to bring a Fair Trade marketplace to campus this spring or next year which will allow students to shop for ethically produced clothing, jewelry, food, etc. Gilmour Alum Hilary Dell founded the first Fair Trade uniform company in the United States.

Ms. Katy McKinnon, Instructor in English, said, “Fair Trade gives us the opportunity to stand up for our global neighbors who grow the food we eat and sew the clothes we wear.”

Through these activities, the Peace and Justice Club strives to embody every Holy Cross value. Jack Bujoll (`17) said, “The club not only teaches, but shows the Gilmour community how to act and live the many virtues we embrace as a Catholic school.” Meetings for the Peace and Justice Club are every Thursday after school in CB11.

The newly founded Fair Trade team plans to bring awareness of Fair Trade issues to the greater community in many ways. To join the Fair Trade team, contact McKinnon.