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Three-Sport Stars


Three-sport athletes, Kat Clark (`17), Kelly Davis (`16), Katie Engle (`19), Izzy Green (`18) and Annie Greene (`19) unite in Cross Country.

Sports All-Stars

Multisport athletes, Annie Greene (`19), Katie Engle (`19), Izzy Greene (`18), Matt Chiancone (`17) and Kelly Davis (`16) challenge themselves with athletic and academic rigor. Davis plays soccer and runs cross country in the fall, figure skates, and runs track. Despite already playing a fall sport this year, she decided to take up on the sport of cross country, further contributing to her busy fall schedule filled with soccer, college applications, and cumulative schoolwork. Davis said, “Many times I’ve had to run at a meet and then play in a soccer game later in the day.” She credits her time management skills.

Similar to Davis, Engle also played soccer and ran cross country this past fall sports season. Engle is no amateur at taking on two sports in one season, considering she played soccer and ran cross country during her 6th and 8th grade years at St. Joan of Arc School. As a member of two teams in the fall sports season, Engle thoroughly enjoyed being able to play and run with different people each day. Engle said, “I like being on two teams because I have met a variety of new people, made bonds with people in different grades, and have had fun at the same time.”

The Love for Cross Country and Soccer

Greene (Izzy), a member of both the soccer and cross country teams has already had a successful first two years. Instead of focusing on one sport, Greene said, “I chose both sports because I love them both too much to choose one.” As a freshman, Greene had the opportunity to compete in three state championships and one district championship. She is on track to build on her previous accomplishments. As a successful athlete and dedicated student, Greene said, “Finding time for homework and other things is manageable.”

Finding time for homework and other things is manageable. Izzy Greene (`18)

Following in the footsteps of her older sister (Izzy), Greene (Annie) found herself on both the soccer field and cross country course this fall. She enjoyed being a part of two teams and said, “Team- work is one of the main aspects of both teams.” In her first sports season as a Lancer, Greene has already played in a soccer district semifinal, and has been part of Cross Country’s District Championship, Regional Runner Up title, and a third place team finish at the DII OHSAA State Championship.

Soccer and cross country are not the only two sports that Gilmour athletes can participate in simultaneously. Chiancone plays soccer and is the kicker for the football team during the fall sports season. Although Chiancone joined the football team just last year, he has adapted well to managing his time between two sports, school and social life. Chiancone said, “It is difficult to juggle everything at the same time, but it has taught me how to manage my time more efficiently and how to be more on task in the time I have for everything.”