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Students Give Back to the Community


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Seniors Service Day

Seniors work together to rebuild the community on Senior Service Day.

Thanksgiving is approaching and students are giving back to the community through various service activities such as Senior Service Day, Tobit Ministry and the Thanksgiving Food Drive.

Senior Service Day happened on October 14 at various locations around inner city Cleveland. Seniors offered a variety of services such as grounds, tutoring and maintenance.

Senior Service Day gives us a chance to reach out to the community.

Tobit Ministry

For Tobit Ministry, students go to churches or cemeteries on the east side of Cleveland and assist families who are unable to afford funerals or are unable to carry out a funeral. Tobit Ministry is based on the 10th corporal work of mercy, which is burying the dead. Father John Blazek explained the positive outcome of Tobit Ministry when he said, “I have never had a kid quit.”

I have never had a kid quit.

-Father John

Food Drive

An additional service activity at Gilmour is the Thanksgiving Food Drive. The Thanksgiving Food Drive is an annual event in which the whole school participates. Students and faculty members donate Thanksgiving meals to parishes in Cleveland such as St. Adalbert, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Patrick and St. Aloysius. This service activity is based on the Holy Cross core value: Option for the Poor. Sister Mary Ann, Head of Service, said, “All this service makes it better for the poor.”