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Saving One Child at a Time


Senior winners Madison Noall and Annalise Minello dress as “Up” characters.

Measles, the senior led club that raises money for the measles vaccine, has raised over $2500 between the used uniform sale and Halloween. Mrs. Karen Roxbury, Instructor of Mathematics, and Dr. Mary Poluse, Instructor of Mathematics and Mathematics Department chair, are the club administrators along with the senior club participants.

The five dollars will be used to vaccinate five children all over the world.

Throughout the year, the club organizes fundraisers to get the Gilmour community involved. The first fundraiser was for Halloween. Seniors sold wrist- bands during lunch in order for students to wear their Halloween costumes. Roxbury said, “This is my favorite part about the fundraiser. Friday morning I am able to see all the unique costume ideas that students thought of.” Wristbands costed five dollars to dress down. The five dollars will be used to vaccinate five children all over the world.

Another way to support the cause is through the Valentine’s Day fundraiser. Club members sell hearts and candy that students can purchase. Through this, students can send cards to their friends.

Poluse said, “The biggest fundraiser is the used uniform sale.” Seniors bring in their uniforms for three days at the end of the year in order to dress down. The uniforms are washed and then sold to students.

The money raised throughout the year goes to various organizations. The majority of the money goes to the American Red Cross and then distributed to various countries. The seniors give the rest of the money to different programs of their choice. Leader of the club, Jessica Sivillo (`16) said, “Even the smallest donation or action to spread awareness can save someone’s life. It does not take much time or effort to help the greater community.”

Any donation makes an impact and reaches out to someone. To help make a difference, students are welcome to participate in the upcoming fundraisers. One dollar donated pays for one measles vaccine. Look for more information regarding Measles coming up.

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Michelle Moufawad (`17), Erin Dietrick (`17) and Hannah Kirchner (`17) dress as Winnie the Pooh and Friends.