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Passionate Musicians at The Academy


“There is no question that musical talent flourishes within Gilmour Academy, and it’s very apparent that the community is continually supportive of those who are gifted,” said Anthony Monitello (`17). Among the many gifted musicians, two students stand out for their devotion and love for music. Angeline Monitello (`19) and Massimo DiPierro (`17) excel academically, socially and musically. Both strive to be the best they can be in and out of the classroom.

Monitello’s Story

Monitello edited10Monitello first started developing her skills at the age of three when she began playing the violin. She then quickly excelled in a program at the Cleveland Institute of Music and moved on to playing wind instruments by fifth grade. She has now settled on her love for the French horn. Monitello has taken advantage of numerous opportunities that have been offered to her over the years. She is a part of the Contemporary Youth Orchestra, International Youth Symphony Orchestra, and the Northern Ohio Youth Orchestra. These opportunities have taken Monitello all over the world, including Germany this past summer, and she has performed at Severance Hall. She said, “To put it in perspective, it feels like you’re a middle schooler playing baseball with the Cleveland Indians. You feel like you’ve made an achievement.” When asked about her experience with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra, Monitello said, “Orchestra is my second family. I am playing with seniors while I’m only a freshman. But, no one cares. We are all just one happy family.” Anthony Monitello said that his sister continues to shock everyone due to her young age and incredible talent.

DiPierro’s Love for Music

DiPierro was first introduced to music at the age of three when he began playing the violin. He later took hold of numerous other instruments including his favorite, the guitar. He claims to have found a great appreciation for music and its ability to form community.
DiPierro’s passion for music can be seen in his desire to excel in every instrument he can play. DiPierro is skilled in playing the violin, saxophone, guitar, bass guitar and drums. Due to his experience with the violin, DiPierro has been offered numerous opportunities to play in youth orchestras in the Cleveland area, including first chair in the Cleveland Preparatory Youth Orchestra. He has been to various camps in Blue Hill and Standish, Maine and has also participated in a program at the Berkeley College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

When I play music, I enter a realm of peace and creativity. Massimo DiPierro(`17)

DiPierro said, “When I play music, I enter a realm of peace and creativity. Everything else is blocked from my mind, and I can play whatever melodies I want and express passion and feelings through my playing.”
These passionate musicians continue to excel in their music and academics. Both balance school with play.