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Runaway Funk Parade: Passions Grow Loud


Zach Asher (`16) hammers out notes during his green screen debut with smoke.

When the Runaway Funk Parade jams at Convocation and Live Jive, they scream a message all their own: rock n’ roll brings people together.

Brendan Cheng (`16) is the lead singer in the band and has been a member since his freshman year. Before joining the band, Cheng had always been interested in music, specifically the guitar. Cheng said, “There’s a real sense of camaraderie within the band.”

In addition to becoming great friends along the way, Runaway Funk Parade has captured the attention of the Gilmour student body over the past four years. These rock-and-rollers, Brendan Cheng, Zach Asher (`16), Michael Hyland (`16), Jack Sullivan (`16), and Jason Burlingham (`16) have united people through their mesmerizing jams, incredible energy, and undeniable excitement that they bring to the fans.

You can’t watch them and not enjoy yourself.

Hannah Markel (`16), one the band’s self-proclaimed “biggest fans,” has watched and familiarized herself with the band since her freshman year. Markel was introduced to band member Zach Asher at freshman year cross country camp and from there on out, her relationship with the band continued to grow. She said, “You can’t watch them and not enjoy yourself.” Markel shared that her favorite memory of the band was when Asher ran across the sophomore seats while playing the guitar last year.

Whether they are performing in Convocation or at Live Jive, Runaway Funk Parade always intends to put on an entertaining show with their positive vibes and vast musical talents. Throughout their high school careers, they have been able to share their talents and bring people together by performing in Convocation, at Live Jive, and at small venues, such as the coffee shop where they played their first gig last New Year’s Eve. To watch this group of musically talented young rock stars do what they love (play rock n’ roll and bring people together through music), catch them performing at the senior music show on October 16.

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Runaway Funk Parade often spends time in the Student Center.