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Meet Mr. Weltle: Putting Others First


Mr. Mel Weltle (right) smiles with his staff about the new lunch program.

This year, a place where students, teachers, and faculty gather to relax and recharge was changed forever. The Commons has been renamed the Brother Richard Keller Commons to honor Br. Richard’s service and work for the community.

Now, there are three lines of food choices: a signature line, specialty pizza, and a fusion station. Additionally, the salad bar contains over 40 items, two soups are served each day, homemade salads and deli sandwiches are always available, and frozen yogurt is an everyday option. To keep things flowing, there is ample space for students and teachers in each station. Plenty of options for students and teachers allow for personalized lunches; they have a college environment of choice.

The creativity of the food is awesome. Also, the remodeling of the lunchroom has been a miracle.

The overall student and faculty reaction to Gilmour’s new school lunches has been notably positive. When asked about her opinion of the lunches, GA lifer, Kelly Davis (`16) said, “The creativity of the food is awesome. Also, the remodeling of the lunchroom has been a miracle.” New sophomore, Colton Heibeck (`18) is on board. When asked about his impression of the new format, he said, “The food here is some of the best I’ve ever had, and the menu is constantly changing.”

These improvements would not have been possible without Mr. Mel Weltle, AVI General Manager. Weltle is willing to do anything to accommodate the community. According to Mr. Teisl, students should express their opinions more often. Teisl said, “I think AVI is very approachable and agreeable. If the students have concerns or opinions, they should talk to Mr. Weltle or write in the suggestion box. He will try to do whatever they can to ensure that GA students are happy with the choices that they offer.” Weltle has been actively working since mid last year to provide a variety of foods that everyone would love.

Weltle’s AVI staff truly cares about the community. To show their gratefulness, advisory groups created and hung signs in the Brother Richard Keller Commons to thank AVI. Weltle welcomes all feedback about the new lunches. He said, “The most important thing for us is the feedback from the students. We can make this program as great as students want it. We can make changes overnight.”

SOURCEPhoto: Jessica Sivillo / Lance Staff
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Jessica Sivillo (`16) grew up and currently lives in Mentor, Ohio. The 2015-16 school year marks her fourth year at Gilmour Academy and her first and second time as a member of The Lance staff. For grades K-8, Jessica attended St. Mary's of The Assumption. She currently writes about a wide variety of topics including editorials and features. Jessica plans to major in Communications or Pre-Law at The University of Tampa. Jessica is a leader of The Measles Initiative, a four-year member of Peace and Justice Club, a four-year member of SADD, and a two-year Eucharistic minister. She is very passionate about working with special needs people. In her free time, Jessica likes to hang out with her friends, ice skate, and play volleyball.