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Kathy Kenny: An Overview


Kathy Kenny speaks as Head of School at the Installation Mass.

Being the new Head of School comes with many responsibilities, and Mrs. Kenny is always ready. She runs nonstop from morning until 7 o’clock at night. The two words that Kenny uses to describe her new position are “exhilarating” and “exhausting.”

Kenny summarized her day by saying, “So far I haven’t had two days that look the same. I start at the Lower School and greet the kids as they are coming in. Then I come to the Tudor House for meetings. I try to have at least an hour on campus to answer phone calls and emails. It’s busy.”

While Kenny is hard at work every day, she still makes time for her family. They remain an essential part of her life. Kenny also shows her dedication to the alumni as she travels to meet them around the country. She wants to keep the alumni engaged in the Gilmour community by notifying them about upcoming events. In years past and today, Kenny always tries to get to know the people she guides.

Kenny possesses many qualities that are needed to be Head of School. Ms. Arlene Smith, Advancement Associate in Tudor House, has worked at Gilmour for 25 years. She said, “Kenny is so interested in people and she is a quick study. She is a sincere, hard worker and has a great feeling for Gilmour.”

Kenny has always played an active role in the community. She was an English teacher, Head of the Communications Department, and Senior Advancement Officer. She has always been involved in special events such as the Christmas Party, Graduation, and Scholarship Party. Kenny is known for her caring heart.

Kenny knows families. Annie Zupon (`16) said McCall Zupon (`05) graduated with one of Kenny’s three daughters, Michaela Kenny (`05). “Mrs. Kenny is very involved in student life,” Zupon stated. “She cares about everyone. She’s a people person.”

These characteristics make Kenny a recognized leader. She officially started being Head of School on July 1, 2015 and the Installation Mass was on August 25, 2015.