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Volunteering Helps Students Embrace the Mission Statement


Volunteering has always been a part of the mission at Gilmour. “Developing the competence to see and the courage to act in creating a more humane and just society” is at the core of volunteering. Students are required to complete 60 hours of service before they graduate. The goal is to help students develop a mindset for serving others.

Ms. Michele Kay, a guidance counselor, helps students to envision what they want their summer to look like and find opportunities. When asked about the first steps in finding a service opportunity, Kay said, “Make a list of not only your skills, but things you want to learn about and frame those interests into a possible opportunity.”

It is something that you can’t buy

Service opportunities are chances for students to help the community and learn more about themselves. Sister Mary Ann Mehling, I.H.M., is another notable contact for students to find service opportunities. She is the Service Coordinator at Gilmour. As students transition from freshman to senior year, they begin to dive into what it really means to be a student at Gilmour and what it means to embody the Mission.

Jack Aleva (`18) is launching his journey into participation in service at Gilmour. He volunteers at The Weil’s Assisted Living Home and runs games and keeps the residents entertained. He said, “It’s a great experience and it is actually a lot of fun helping out.” To many, the service itself is not the only appealing aspect of it all. The aftermath of the volunteer experience is what really makes a difference in the students. Aleva said, “The impact is the best part of volunteering. Their appreciation is rewarding.” This impact in students’ lives made through service can be made in a variety of ways. Many experiences are available such as helping at Hospice or serving at the Cleveland Food Bank. Megan Misencik (`16) participates in another kind of service. She goes to Catholic Heart Work Camp. Misencik said, “My first year I went to Rhode Island and painted sheds and fences.”

The impact is the best part of volunteering

Service offers students experiences different from anything else they encounter, and as Misencik said, “It is something that you can’t buy.”