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Tradition Lives On: Prom at the Academy


As spring approaches, the Academy prepares for the 2015 Prom. This year’s theme is “A Night in Disguise.” The event will take place May 16, beginning in the Athletic Center.

Juniors and seniors are to check in promptly at 6:15 p.m. for appetizers. Students will report to their seats in the Athletic Center for dinner at 7 p.m. Dinner will include a pasta bar, salad, chicken or beef options, and cookies and pastries for dessert. The dance will begin at 8 p.m. in the Tudor House and continue until 12 a.m. During this time, the seniors will experience the traditional Promenade. Finally, the students will report to buses to attend After Prom at Corner Alley Uptown.

I think all of the hard work is going to pay off, and it will be great to see all the effort we put into this night be enjoyable for everyone

The night concludes when the students return to school around 3 a.m. Continuing in the Gilmour tradition, the prom committee has been working diligently to create a fun-filled night for the students.

The committee consists of students, parents, and members of the administration. All parties have been thoroughly working for many months, preparing for the night in May. Alexis Canty (`15), head of the student committee, said, “I think all of the hard work is going to pay off, and it will be great to see all the effort we put into this night be enjoyable for everyone. Everything for the dance is intricately planned, from the decorations to the music selection.”

As the dance approaches, students begin asking one another to attend. Many try to come up with extravagant and creative ways to ask the question, “Will you go to prom with me?” Mitch Popp (`15) asked Caitlin Whetstone (`15) during spring break while on vacation at Disney World. He surprised her with an engraved Mickey Mouse key tag that said “Prom-Mitch.” Popp said, “I am excited to go to the dance because it was so fun last year. I loved dancing all night and attending the Las Vegas themed After Prom. I can’t wait to see what it will be like this year.”

Will you go to prom with me?

While most boys rent their tuxedos, girls spend much time preparing for the dance by finding a dress. Berkley Kruschke (`16) will be attending prom for the first time and has already found her dress. Kruschke said, “In the beginning, shopping was stressful because I didn’t know what I wanted. Now that I have the perfect dress, I am so relieved and excited for the dance.”

As evidenced by the extensive work and preparation that goes into the evening, students are looking forward to making memories and having fun at Prom 2015.