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Gilmour Athletes Excel in Unique Sports


The Academy offers 14 different varsity sports for both males and females to participate in throughout the fall, winter, and spring seasons. Over the years, many other recreational activities have been introduced such as gymnastics and figure skating. Several students have taken advantage of these opportunities such as Katherine Clark (`17) and Kelly Davis (`16).

Clark has been involved with gymnastics since she was 18 months old and considers it her favorite sport. This year, she represents the school in gymnastics. She said, “I was super excited to represent Gilmour through gymnastics this year. It was an awesome experience to represent my school colors and compete in my favorite sport.”

I was super excited to represent Gilmour through gymnastics this year.

Since Gilmour does not yet have a facility designed for this specific sport, Clark practices at West Geauga High School under the guidance of coaches Miss Gina Javorek and Mr. Don Schutz. She said, “It is really cool to be known as the Gilmour gymnastics team and be able to tell people that I competed for Gilmour as an individual.”

Davis also individually competes for the Academy as a figure skater. She started the sport when she was five years old through Gilmour’s Learn to Skate Program and is currently coached by Molly German. Davis represents Gilmour in different events associated with skating. Although she is not currently competing, she is working on several rigorous tests that will assess her skills. She said, “Testing pretty much establishes your level of competition. The more tests you pass, the more advanced of a skater you are. I have passed all of the Moves in Field test, and I only need to pass two more of my Freestyle.”

Testing pretty much establishes your level of competition

Throughout her numerous years of skating, Davis has been a proud Gilmour athlete and her love of the sport motivates her.

The Academy strives to go above and beyond in academics and athletics. The students involved in sports represent their school with pride and enthusiasm. Clark and Davis plan to uphold the mission of the school through their respective activities.