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Gilmour Artist Shines through the Greater Community


Maddy Stefanak (`15) has been using art to express herself for as long as she can remember. Known as an artist in the community, she has demonstrated her talents through several different Gilmour activities. She performed at Live Jive as a freshman and a junior. She just recently created the cover for the upcoming issue of Tilt Magazine. The cover demonstrates the essence of the magazine in a “simple” manner. The all-black background, decorated with gold writing is refined, yet sophisticated.

Stefanak uses art to find herself, but through her art projects, she has given the Cleveland community an opportunity to enjoy her work as well. Just recently, her Rebuilding Cleveland project was turned into a business. Stefanak created a sticker design, which she is now selling for $3. She received such a great response to the design that she is now printing it on T-shirts. Claire Krakowiak (`15) said, “Maddy is an amazing artist. She was able to make something as simple as a sticker very elaborate and cool.” Her products can now be found at several local stores in Coventry and a wine bar on Lee Road called Wine Spot.


Through her art, Stefanak always sees opportunities to express her thoughts. She said, “I treat every piece I do like it’s going to be the last thing people would remember me by, and that helps me put everything into my projects.” In the future, Stefanak plans on attending The University of Cincinnati, where she will major in Fine Arts in the college of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning.