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Girls Basketball Shooting for Success


The Girls Varsity Basketball team has a record of 23-2. Their biggest victory was against rival Hathaway Brown, where they defeated the Blazers 67-49. Courtney Pleasant (’15), a four-year basketball veteran, considered this game her favorite so far.

Pleasant said, “HB was really intense. It was great because we had a lot of fan support and that really inspired us to play hard.”

The team’s success has rallied a well-attended student section that cheered the girls on through every play. Pleasant said, “We’ve never really had a big fan support except for our parents; they are our biggest support system. The HB game was really exciting for us, because we had a lot of student support as well. So I think with our success, we’ve really brought up more people than my previous years at Gilmour.”

An inspiring staff of coaches and aids has been leading Girls Basketball this season. An influential leader on the team named by many of the athletes is Varsity head coach, Mr. Bob Beutel. Sydney Diedrich (`17), a second year starter and co-captain, said, “Coach Beutel is our biggest leader. He always knows what is best for the team and how to keep us motivated.”

The girls have dominated their playoff games thus far. They beat Kirtland with a score of 72-28 in the Sectional Semifinals, Warrensville Heights 84-24 in the Sectional Finals, and Independence 70-37 in the District Semifinals.

The team is grateful for their success. After some reflection, Diedrich had some advice for the community. She said, “Attitude and hard work are the keys to being successful. As long as you persevere, stay positive, and always strive to do the best you can do, success will come to you. One of my favorite quotes that goes along with this is, ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.’”