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Gilmour Junior Achieves Perfection on SAT


Daniel Zhang (`16) achieved a feat that only a few claim to do as well; a perfect 2400 on the SAT which he took on November 8. A perfect score on the SAT is a rare accomplishment.

The number of students who earn a perfect score equates to less than .036% of all test takers each year according to College Board. In 2013, “more than one million” took the SAT and “only 360 students got a perfect score.”

Zhang was surprised when he learned of his perfect score, especially considering that it was his first attempt at the test.

Noting that he spent six hours a week preparing for the test, he said his review included “spending a lot of time reading, expanding my vocabulary, and taking practice exams in order to better prepare myself for the test.”

He felt that the practice tests played the largest role in his success. Zhang said, “Prior knowledge definitely played a big role in it, but I most attribute my success to the practice exams I took in my own time prior to the SAT.”

Not only did the practice tests help him, but the people around him played a large role as well. Zhang said, “My teachers here at Gilmour played the biggest role I think.” When asked who his favorite teacher is, Zhang smiled and said, “All of them.”

Zhang plays an active role in the Gilmour community, participating in soccer, tennis, Speech and Debate, and Model U.N. Father John Blazek, his advisor, spoke of Zhang saying, “He is very loyal and depenable and always willing to make any contribution he can to the community.” Zhang also leaves an impact on individuals according to Blazek who said, “Zhang loves the Gilmour community.”

According to Zhang, the best advice he can offer to students preparing to take the SAT is to “spend time on it and work on where you have issues.” Zhang also suggested that students “realize that it is only just one part of the big picture.”