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How to Deal with the High School Workload


As students grow older and school workload builds, they adopt strategies to handle homework and tests while managing stress. Some upperclassmen are happy to share what works for them.

Megan Misencik (`16) suggests that students should “study in advance so they aren’t as stressed. If you don’t understand something, go in after school for help.” For James Venzor (`15), the best time to study is through class participation. Both students believe that any studying is good studying.

Andrew King (`16) thinks students should begin studying prior to a test. He said, “If you have a fantastic memory, you can study later on. But, if you don’t, I would crack open a book.”

Venzor offers a different solution. He said, “By paying attention in class and taking notes, the information just seems to be more recognizable.” So not only is outside of school studying a part of mastering a topic, but to Vendor, in-class participation is also key.

For perfecting the skill of studying in advance, Madison Semarjian (`15) suggests repetition to improve memory. She said, “I tend to use notecards and say things aloud. I also color code things to stay organized.” Whether it is color coding, saying things aloud, rereading notes, or going over problems, these students encourage all students to find their own techniques to succeed. But in order to prosper, these students agree that the need to stay organized is crucial.

Staying organized appears to be a key component to completing homework on time, but not everyone finds time management easy. King confessed, “I am terrible [at time management]. I spend a thousand years on something that should take me 20 minutes.” With block scheduling, homework can become more manageable when students take time to complete their work the day it is assigned.

Whether students may prefer to make flashcards or create study guides, completing homework, effective studying, and time management are crucial skills to possess. These students agree that effective study skills help them thrive as lifelong learners.