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Students Navigate Social Media Trend


The use of social media has increased dramatically over the past few years. With apps such as Instagram, Vine, and Twitter, many communities are taking interest in social media sites, and Gilmour Academy is right there. So how can students be online and not at risk?

The Athletic department has benefited greatly from the rise of social media. Jeff Walrich, Director of Athletics, said, “In athletics, social media is the fastest way we can get information out to the various stakeholders at Gilmour.” Through these sites, the community is able to promote students and keep ev-
eryone informed.

However one must note the real online risks. Cyber-bullying has been a huge issue that came about because of social media. Some people take to social media in order to talk poorly or post false information about others.

Online harrassment can be severe and destructive. Ridiculing people to tears is outrageous, but this abuse is not what social media intends. Being able to reach so many people in such a short amount of time can be quite helpful in warning people about situations, such as the Boston bombing, or even helping in finding a missing person. However, students must be mindful and careful to avoid the online dangers. Do not share identifying, private or unkind information. Do not interact with strangers online. If harassed, tell someone. If social media is used properly, the positive effects can in fact help students communicate.

Walrich said, “Many times people forget how instant and permanent posting on sites are. Colleges are always looking. But sometimes people focus too much on the negatives instead of the positives that social media can bring to the table.”

Social media sites will continue to develop and enhance the experiences of communities across the world. Man-
ager of social media sites for Gilmour prom, Alexis Canty (`15) said, “Almost every student at Gilmour has a social media account. Making accounts that relate to our whole community allows us to easily share information with every member of GA. They help maintain the feeling of unity, which we take so much pride in.”