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Tetelestai Celebrates 35 Years

On Sunday, March 11, in the Chapel, Father John accepts two gifts from the cast of Tetelestai. The musical, produced by the Cleveland Performing Arts Ministry, has been performed at Gilmour Academy during the Lent season for several years.

Tetelestai is a timeless performance of Jesus Christ’s Passion. Having captivated audiences for countless performances, Tetelestai came to Gilmour again on Friday the 9th.

Brought to Gilmour

The performance brought many people to Gilmour’s chapel. Students, faculty, family members, and community members were all in attendance to come and witness the show

Reenacting the story of the Passion, Tetelestai enchants its audiences with each performance. Based out of Northeast Ohio, there are many actors and actresses and musical accompaniments who help to make it so successful.

The original play was written by college students. It is the original story of the Passion, with a contemporary message. This classic story celebrates 35 years of performance as Tetelestai.


The word Tetelestai is Greek, meaning, “it is finished.” These words are eternally and symbolically remembered as Jesus’ last.

Hope Herten (`13) was one of the students who went to see Tetelestai. She enjoyed the performance and thought that it was a great experience.

Rachel Novinc (`14) comments on Tetelestai. Novinc (`14) says, “I’ve never seen a religious performance before. Even though I wasn’t able to go to the past one, I definitely want to go next year. I think that it’s really cool that it came to Gilmour, too.”

Father John enjoyed Tetelestai, as well. He describes it as, “Marvelous and visual; it is as if you are actually there. It was really special because anybody can read a Bible, but when you see it, it adds a whole new dimension. It really allows people to experience it face to face, and be able to think and reflect afterwards. Also, with the Resurrection, it ends on a hopeful note. It clearly opens your eyes to be able to see that throughout all of that, God’s love was still present.”

It really allows people to experience it face to face, and be able to think and reflect afterwards. Father  John

With the season of Lent upon us and Easter quickly approaching, Tetelestai was a real reminder as to why we celebrate, fast and reflect. Father John says, “Lent is all about the Paschal Mystery, so seeing it first-hand is perfectly fitting.”

This realistic, graphic, intense, passionate and inspiring story retells the story of God’s ultimate sacrifice and his unending hope and love.