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Spring Break in Honduras


Over spring break many of our Gilmour students will be traveling to do service. Honduras is one of the places these students are going. They will be doing mostly labor: mixing concrete for buildings, helping build those buildings, painting, and playing with the Honduran kids. “I’m actually looking forward to doing the hard work. I want to feel like I’m making a difference in the community.” says Rachel Staton `12.

Even though the trip seems to be mostly labor, many of the students are excited. “I went to Honduras two and a half years ago and it was an amazing experience, so I’m really excited to go back and see the kids’ again.” says Megan Diemer `12. Most are looking forward to spending time helping people and meeting the children. This service trip also parks interest because it is in a foreign country. “I am looking forward to being in a foreign country and meeting the natives.” says Ben Radcliffe `12.

Although many are excited, there has been some concern about the safety. “I am nervous because US and Laurel have both cancelled their trips because of an incident with two Peace Corps members being in dangerous situations” explains Rachel Staton `12. But it is not as big of a concern for some of the Gilmour students. “Having been to Honduras before I am not too concerned because the orphanage is set off apart from the city, so it is a very safe, comfortable atmosphere.” says Megan Diemer `12. There is also some unease about not being able to get in touch with people from home. While some will be able to contact their family every day or every other day, some are still worried because they have either never been out of the country or have never traveled alone. Although it is a long time to be away from family and friends, they will still be able to notify their family that they are safe and having fun.

importance of service at Gilmour

The Honduras service trip is a great way to fulfill ones service hours. However, for most it is not about fulfilling this requirement. “I decided to go on this trip though because it’s one of the best ways to put all I have learned about the importance of service at Gilmour into action.” explains Rachel Staton `12. Many made the choice to go because it is a great opportunity to help those in need and discover a new country. It is also a fascinating way to learn about the lives of the Honduran people, their culture, language, and maybe even their art and religion. Some are also hoping that the trip will give them a reality check. They are hoping that seeing the way others live will make them more grateful for the blessings they have make them aware of the challenges people face around the world.

The Honduras service trip sets off on their journey March 22nd. They return on March 31st so they will have at least another week of spring break to enjoy with family and friends. They will be staying at Nuevo Paraiso (meaning “New Paradise” in Spanish). Nuevo Paraiso is an orphanage about an hour drive away from the capital city of Honduras, Tegucigalpa. Everyone going to Honduras can’t wait to start their exciting journey. “Sounds like it will be amazing!” Phil Ingram (`12) says.