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Shamrock Shakes Rocking Gilmour Students

Shamrock Shakes
© McDonald’s

The seasonal treat from McDonalds, the Shamrock Shake, has taken student at Gilmour by storm. This green milkshake is offered around the Saint Patrick’s Day season
to celebrate. Many students at Gilmour Academy look forward to the minty treats each year. Whether it is after school before practice or a weekend outing with friends, students stop by McDonalds in order to pick up one of these shakes.

The Shamrock Shake is a green milkshake with a minty flavor. To Jim Forsythe (`14), “It tastes like a wave of cooling mint to take the pressure out of the day,” while to Brendan
Conroy (`12) “It tastes like vanilla and mint mixed together,”. Connor Davis (`14) professed these treats are “minty and tastes like shamrocks”, though he has never actually eaten a real shamrock.

minty and tastes like shamrocks. Connor Davis (`14)

These boys enjoy the refreshing taste of Shamrock Shakes, and remember a few experiences that were spurred by the green milkshake. “In my town, there was a 5K race I ran, and the finish line was next to a McDonalds. Afternwe ran, we got free Shamrock Shakes to help us cool off,” says Conroy (`12). Forsythe (`14) first tried a Shamrock shake when his hockey teammates forced him to drink one. “It was worth it!” he says.

However, not all of Gilmour’s students like the taste of Shamrock Shakes. Greta Thomas (`13) hates them. “Other than gum,” she says, “I don’t like the taste of mint”. Thomas
(`13) clearly remembers her first encounter with this McDonalds shake. “Last year, Gilmour Varsity A Boys Hockey was playing a game against shaker. After the game, my friends and I stopped off at McDonalds to get a snack, and Audrey Sheehan (`13) ordered a Shamrock Shake. She made me try some and it was so gross.”