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Service Trip in New Orleans


For a few days over spring break s a small group of Gilmour students will be traveling to New Orleans to help in the areas that still have not recovered from the hurricane. To help rebuild the city they will be doing things such as landscaping, painting, cleaning, and building.

Most students are eager to help those in need. Many are also looking forward to the experience of going on a trip with friends. Mr. Screnci says “I will be going to a part of the USA that I have not seen before, so I am always interested in seeing different parts of the country and meeting new people. Also it will be nice to see how students interact when not in a classroom but when they are helping others.” Everyone who is going on the trip seems to be quite excited. Connor Moriarty (`12) says, “I can’t wait to meet awesome people, explore the city, and have a blast with all my friends!”

Venzor `11 tapping the walls in New Orleans

The group appears to be excited and confident. The main concern for most people is bad weather or someone getting hurt. Mr. Screnci’s biggest worry is “cooking dinner for 20 people and getting a good night’s sleep.” They don’t have to worry about staying connected with family and friends because they will have their phones and Wi-Fi. So they will be able to keep their friends and family updated.

Many people going on the trip this year have either heard about it in Convocation or from friends that have gone previous years and are now spreading the word. Some decided to go on the trip because it is a great way to get service hours, but the main reason is to be able to help those in need without going out of the country. Moriarty (`12) says, “I decided to go because I had such an amazing experience last year that I just couldn’t resist going again. It’s also great to get away for a bit and go to a unique city.”

Like the Honduras trip, the New Orleans group will be getting home around March 31. They leave March 25, so they will have plenty of extra time during spring break to do other things. They will be staying in a dormitory of a church in New Orleans.

According to several students, service trips like these can be very influential. Many going on the trip are sure it will change them in some way. “The trip changed me the first time I went so it will change me again,” Moriarty says. “I will build new friendships and have experiences like none other.”