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Moore Than Just An Average Student

Moore (`14) and Klaber display their first place medals.

Figure Skate 1In January, Holly Moore (`14) and her partner Daniel Klaber, a senior at Brush High School, became the Novice Ice Dance Champions. This accomplishment placed them on Team USA, which means U.S. Figure Skating will send them to competitions all over the world. Next year, they will compete at the Junior Level and will be eligible to make the 2013 Junior World team. Their goal is to make the Olympic and World team someday.

In the seven years they have been skating together, Moore (`14) and Klaber have experienced great success. They have been to Junior Nationals five times and Nationals twice. In 2010, they placed second at the Intermediate Level. This year, they were undefeated all season, winning every competition they entered.

However, Moore (`14) is more than just a skater. She is also a straight A student and a great friend. Moore is a member of National Junior Honor Society and has a 4.1 GPA. Mr. John Overman, Instructor in English, who taught Moore (`14) last year, says, “Though she has a full schedule, I am most impressed with Holly’s ability to manage her work at such a high level. If she would miss a day for skating, I would always know a few days in advance and she would always complete the assignment before the next class day.” says

Because of all my absences due to skating, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but I always make sure I put school first. Moore (`14)

Moore’s (`14) friends describe her as a great person to spend time with. Nicole Brzozowski (`14) says, “Holly is a very friendly and inclusive person.” According to Madeline Tuohey (`14), “I’ve never seen her in a bad mood. She’s always friendly and smiling, easy to talk to, and fun to hang out with.”

Moore (`14) is also described as being very humble. Tuohey (`14) says, “Obviously she’s an amazing skater but you would never know she’s a national champion by how humble she is.”

Becoming a national champion has not been easy for Moore (`14). She skates everyday for four hours, and in addition has off-ice training, which includes strength and conditioning. Every weekend, she goes to Detroit to train with Olympic and world class coaches and skaters there.

Her dedication and hard work inspire me. Madeline Tuohey (`14)


Moore (`14) has been skating since she was six years old. She began by taking learn-to-skate classes with her brother, and eventually began taking private lessons and started competing. Moore (`14) says, “I have always loved watching skating on television, and I enjoy it so much. I love to work hard and put the time into my training so that I can experience the joys of being successful.”