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Alec Smith: Man of Many Talents


Alec Smith (`13) is not just “that boy” who lives on a farm and likes cows. This quite member of the junior class has many facets. He’s president of the Math Club, a member of the Gilmour student Council, a straight “A” student, a runner, and a musician. Smith (`13) is a shining example of a well rounded individual. Smith’s (`13) experience with Student Council is helping the community, along with helping his growth. He has developed bonds with some of his co-members, and sees himself as enhancing his Gilmour Outcomes.

“I’ve become a better collaborative contributor, and effective communicator,” Smith (`13) says. The Student Council also makes him feel as though he is making a difference and helping others.

Smith(`13) brings a lot to the groups he is a part of. As the president of Gilmour’s Math club, he plans and leads the group meetings, he makes announcements for the club, and he participated in convocation during Pi week. Smith (`13) doesn’t just preside over the club because it will look great on college applications, but he “likes math. I see math as beautiful. It has so many possibilities and is everywhere.

It takes you way beyond the classroom,” he says.

Miss Diana Braun, Instructor in Math, is the proctor of Math Club. She says that Alec brings Leadership, enthusiasm for math, and a thirst for knowledge to the club. “He is helpful to peers, approachable, accountable and thorough,” she says. Not only does Alec have great academic qualities, but he also has a good sense of humor, and good taste in music and television shows. “He loves Thursday night NBC shows, like 30 Rock,” Miss Braun says. She believes Smith (`13) is going to
grow up to be a “mathamusician”.


Smith (`13) loves music. His favorite artist is Bruce Springsteen. Smith (`13) lives by one of Springsteen’s quotes, “We take care of our own”. He tries to live this out, especially as a peer tutor. He always tries to help those who need it; giving homework advice, and explaining class material. Alec always lends a helping hand. He wants to continue going through high school with a positive outlook and continue helping everyone.


Music has also influenced some of Smith’s (`13) relationships.His taste is similar to that of Mike Gomillion (`13), who remembers one moment where music helped them become better friends. When Gomillion (`13) found out about Smith’s (`13) taste, he related. Then while he got out of his car at a BB King Concert in 2009, he saw Smith (`13) there too. Now they relate easily about music. Alec maybe be a bit quiet, but he is extremely approachable. He is kind, caring, and always willing to help. He is a fun guy, riding ATV’s and dirt bikes, watching movies, jamming on his guitar, and running track. He is not just a good mathematician.