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Act of Valor: Starring true heroes

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Using a mix of original film-making and exceptional real-life heroism, “Act of Valor” stars a group of active duty Navy SEALs trying to fight terrorism. The fictional film starts out with the SEALs on a mission to rescue a kidnapped CIA operative. On this mission, they discover a deadly terrorist plot against the U.S that throws a team of Navy SEALs on a worldwide manhunt.

Act of Valor takes the viewer into the almost unknown world of some of the most highly trained soldiers in the world. The Navy SEALs unmatched marksmanship, stealth operations, effective cooperation, and unparalleled training were best shown through their participation in killing Osama bin Laden. Directors Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh took the opportunity to use the SEALs rather than Hollywood actors making for a more unique and appealing film.

Directors Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh took the opportunity to use the SEALs rather than Hollywood actors.

Taking a unique approach to acting, Act of Valor struck different opinions on how the acting was. Chris Deming (`12) thought that the acting was good. Using actual Navy SEALs, Deming (`12) thought that the acting made for a more realistic war movie. The use of real bullets, showing hand-to-hand combat, and some graphic scenes gave Deming (`12) a more realistic view of war movies than Josh Hartnett (Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor) ever could.

Camille Dottore (`12) was truly surprised how good the acting was. Dottore (`12) loved the fact that the movie used real Navy SEALs; they gave the movie a more realistic affect. From the number of different hand gestures they use to the real-life shooting scenes, the actors give the viewers more of an idea of what it takes to be a SEAL. Watching the SEALs go through their missions made Dottore (`12) feel as though she was part of it. Although the acting outside the battlefield wasn’t typical Hollywood acting, Dottore (`12) thought the fighting scenes were as realistic as it gets.

Using Navy SEALs as actors in the movie, Act of Valor gives viewers a very realistic depiction of war. Both Deming (`12) and Dottore (`12) both agree that Act of Valor was a very welldone movie and worth everyone’s time to see.