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Out of the Classroom and Into the Woods

Julia Tvardovskaya (`12) is playing a lead role as the baker’s wife in this year’s spring musical, Into The Woods. Photo courtesy of Mr. Neal Busch

Each spring, the Fine Arts building (FAB) is filled with talented DramaClub students who sing, dance, and actin a musical performance. The Drama Club already begun practicing with their director, Mrs. Janis, for the May show, Into the Woods, which will be performed four times between May 5th and May 8th. Michael Clark (`12) says that, “Into the Woods is a mash up of the fairytales: Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Jack in the Beanstalk.”

The Gilmour performance of Into the Woods will be lead by Jack Dolan (`11) as the baker and Julia Tvardovskaya (`12) as the baker’s wife. Some strong supporting roles of the mu
sical are held by Natalie Pike (`11) and Brigette Mendes (`12) who are double casted as Little Red Riding hood, Andrew Gabrielsen (`11) as Jack, Casey Weinfurtner (`11) as Jack’s mother, Madeline Small (`13) as the witch, Adrienne Mendes (`12), Bryn Alexander (`14) and Ally Kolberg (`12) as the step sisters, Jessica Wilson (`13) as the Step Mother, and Rosa Heryak (`12) as Cinderella. Robyn Cheng (`13) and Molly Fagan (`13) will be leading the audience into the woods as dual narrators.

Although the drama club is well staffed with talented students, the musical would not be successful without lights, sounds, and backdrops. Nick Celeste (`12) is the light manager, a job he has mastered by the help of his previous classmates. Celeste (`12) says, “I sit at the light desk which is located behind the audience. My team and I wear headsets so we can communicate with the back stage crew on when to cue certain lights that are specific to the scene being preformed. Although learning how to work the light controls took sometime, I now have enough experience to decide when certain lights should be used.” Michael Clark (`12) a classmate of Celeste (`12) manages the sounds. Clark (`12) says, “I use a mixing board and play music and sounds for the shows. I knew how to use the sound machines from past experiences and am always excited to use my skills for our performances.” The entire stage crew works with the help of Ms. Lowry to create backdrops for the various setting of the performance. These students intend to make our performers look great.

Clark (`12) and Celeste (`12) agree that it takes a lot of time to master the art of performing musicals. All different pieces of the performance work together throughout the month of April for the May show. Celeste (`12) says, “We do work for many weeks before the show in an effort to make the musical wonderful to watch, but we really get down and dirty with business during ‘hell week’ which is the final week before opening night.”
During hell week it is not rare to find students at the Fine Arts Building until 10 in the evening. Casey Weinfurtner (`12) the President of Drama Club says, “I am really happy that I will be out of school this year for hell week. It was always hard to wake up the next
morning for school after practicing until late the night before.”

Lead role Julia Tvardovskaya (`12) says her opinion about this coming performance, “Into the Woods is an extremely difficult show to put on because of how complicated the music is, but it’s a really great and funny show. Also, the talent that showed up this year is amazing so we can pull it off really well. I want to send a hugeshout out to the seniors because they are absolutely amazing and we’re really going to miss them after their lastshow.”

In the end, hard work truly does pay off. Mrs. Janis is always satisfied and impressed with the performances of her students and how they adapt to different genres of theatre. The Drama Club is thrilled for this fairy tale mash up, so make sure to take the time to view the finished product of Into The Woods this May 5th-7th at 8pm and May 8th at 2pm in the Fine Arts Building for only 5 dollars.