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Ever wonder what it would be like to have a part time job? How do students balance their studies? Keep up with friends, after school activities, and family? How do they do it? Here are some insight on the ups and downs of the working life: One popular way to balance studies and work is to have a study hall somewhere in the schedule. Charity Driggs(`13), employee of Wendy’s, says, “This really helps me with my busy plans after school.”

Staying after school is also recommended. If a part time job starts right after school, the student employee could come to school early to meet with teachers and get work completed. If the part time job is in the evenings or on the weekends, student employees can stay later after school to maximize their learning and minimize their stress level. Dr. Turk, Instructor in Science, says, “This can really help with upcoming tests and troubling homework and assignments.”

So many students pride themselves on their academics as well as their income earning potential. Part time jobs can lead to full time work in the summers. They can also provide experiences that may lead to long term careers. However, most students appear to share the attitude that the money is the central goal. Allison Crosby (`11) says, “I work at a grocery store. Reider’s Market in Concord. I operate the cashier two to three week days after school and my shift goes from four to eight. I enjoy having a part time job, and it is going to help me save up for college in the near future. Go Bucks!”

Many students at the Academy, including Crosby (`11), support the idea of having a job. They argue
that it is a great way to start saving up for college, and that it also looks great on college applications. But according to some, it could lead to a downfall in grades and an increase in stress. How does this affect academic studies?

Madison Asher (`13) says, “Although I don’t have a job, I find it really helpful to video-chat with friends so that I can see and hear all the different strategies they use for different classes.” Video- chatting and calling friends for further help can not only help students get the homework finished efficiently, but it is a very flexible tactic as well.

When applying for a job, make sure it is one that does not have extremely strict hours. Kristina Snyder (`11) says, “If you can, try applying for a job with flexible hours so one is not caught up in a choice between work and studies.”

However, having a job during high school is not for everyone. People who struggle finishing homework, and keeping grades up without a job may want to reconsider applying. Alex Andrews (`11) says, “Back when I was a freshman, I tried having a job. I needed the money so I worked at my mom’s work after school. I figured since it could be flexible hours, it would work out nicely. However, I soon learned that there simply wasn’t enough time in the day for me to juggle my homework load, work commitment, sporting practices, and games. I quit two weeks later.”

For anyone who is uncertain about whether or not they should take on such a large responsibility, Academy counselors are here to help. The Guidance Department has counselors available for discussion of options. They can help make that important decision and may even help put together an application form.

Leaving it to the professionals, Mr. Tiho Teisl, Dean of Student Life and Discipline, and Mrs. Pat Brubaker, Dean of Student Developmetn & Guidance, express their opinions on
the topic.

I do believe that bosses sometimes don’t pay attention and keep a student until nine or ten at night, and then you’re in trouble.” – Mr. Teisl“I do believe that having a job can teach a student a lot about life. It can help a student learn about responsibility, managing money, and time management.” – Mrs. Brubaker

“I had a part time job when I went to high school. It was a good experience. You just have to learn how to balance your schedule.