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A Night to Remember


At last year’s prom, Frank Pines (`11)enjoyed all the festivities, especially the balloons. Photo courtesy of Mr. Neal Busch.

This year’s Junior/Senior prom will be held on Saturday, May 21, and Sunday, May 22. Prom consists of dinner, the Dance and After Prom. Many students are showcasing their excitement for the evening. Rookie Prom-goer Mike Antonelli (`12) says, “Prom will be a magical night filled with wondrous spectacular fantastic happenstances.”

These spectacular happen-stances will begin at 7 P.M. where students will have valet parking and dinner held in the new Athletic Center. Pictures will also be taken in the Athletic Center by Vendetti Studios. After dinner, the Prom Dance will be held at the Tudor House from 9 P.M. till midnight. Following the dance, students will attend After Prom which will be held in the Athletic Center and Field House until 3 A.M. This After Prom will feature inflatables, volleyball, casino and carnival games.

There is much that goes into preparing for this special night. Boys need to muster up the courage to ask girls, and girls anxiously wait to be asked. Harrison Hunt (`12) comments, “I do not know who I am going to ask to
be my date, or how I am going to ask. I want to be classy.”

Boys need to pick out their tuxedos, which is a long and strenuous process. Girls stress about dresses for many reasons: making sure it fits, it looks good, that no other girl has the same dress and that it comes in time for prom. To help this process the girls have created a Facebook group to avoid same dresses. Allie Mawby (`11) comments on a new tradition senior girls are trying to implement in regards to dresses. “Senior girls want to wear long/formal dresses and to start this new tradition where seniors go long and juniors wear short dresses,” she says. Other schools have a similar tradition and I think it is a good idea.”

The Women’s Club is doing a fantastic job organizing. The Women’s Club has listened to suggestions to continue to make the prom great, and students are noticing. Matt Pender (`11) says, “I like the changes to After Prom since last year there was a lot of down time since the bus rides were so long.” This year’s prom will be special as always. It is a nice send-off for the seniors, and truly a night to remember.