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College Dreams are Coming True


Senior year has come to a close for the Class of 2011. Following Gilmour tradition, seniors have spent the last 11
days of school tearing down numbered posters that count the remaining days left (11 since this is the Class of 2011). The seniors also indulged in their many senior privileges and dress downs
for the last week of school. After final projects and exams, the realization has finally kicked in. Though senior projects and graduation are still approaching, students like Hallie Turner(`11) are nostalgic over their time spent at the academy. “It’s so weird to think the past four years of high school are actually done,” says Hallie Turner
(`11). “You don’t recognize how quickly it goes by until it’s over. But now that it’s arrived, I know I’m definitely ready to move forward to the next phase.”

Most members of the senior class have also spent their remaining days
anticipating the biggest day of the 2011 school year, graduation. On May 29, seniors will be celebrating their final goodbye in the Athletic Center, a new Gilmour tradition beginning this year. The new graduation location has also sparked a response from many graduates. “Both my sisters graduated in the ice rink so I was looking forward to graduating there also,” says Allie Mawby (`11). “They’re breaking tradition and I don’t like it.”

Some students, like Dominic Shuttleworth (`11), welcome the switch.“I think it’s cool we’re the first to have our graduation in a new place,” he says. “I also don’t mind because we get to keep the ice at the rink.” But once the Class of 2011 have received their diplomas, what comes next?

For many embarking on a new journey for next year, this is an opportunity to live out the college dream. Two students in particular are living out their college dream near Washington

D.C. Liz Coerdt (`11) and Claire Wagner (`11) found themselves captivated by the area. “I decided on going to Georgetown University because it has amazing programs and I loved the atmosphere of the campus, but I’m most looking forward to being in D.C.,” says Coerdt (`11). Wagner (`11), who is attending Catholic University in the fall, agrees. Her choice of college is complimented by D.C.’s environment. “I loved Catholic’s campus and the fact it is so close to D.C. which has so much to do,” says Wagner (`11).

Although both Coerdt (`11) and Wagner (`11) will be spending the next four years in the same area, they are following their own individual passions. Coerdt (`11) will be majoring in political economics and Wagner (`11) is part of Catholic’s nursing program. With a big city full of opportunities, both Coerdt (`11) and Wagner (`11) should have plenty ahead of them. “Change is sometimes hard for me to accept so going to a new city is kind of scary
for me,” says Wagner (`11). “But I’m really excited to meet new people. I know that will make it all worth while.”

Other Gilmour students in the graduating class are heading down their own various individual paths. With students traveling as far as California, like Dwayne Hong (`11) who will be attending Stanford University
next year, it is evident that Gilmour alumni will continue their success all around the country. When many have
decided on out of state colleges, Hong (`11) chose the college closest to his home in Korea. He also attended an
Engineering Summer Camp after his freshman year. “I was impressed by the competent and enjoyable people and awestruck by the beautiful campus and weather,” says Hong (`11). “I have persistently strived toward my goal and luckily this December I was accepted.”

Allison Crosby (`11), who chose to stay in Ohio, will be attending The Ohio State University next fall. “I loved Ohio State when I visited and when my own home state offers such a great
school, with in-state tuition, it’s an even better choice,” says Crosby (`11).

Jack Dolan (`11) has accomplished his college dream by receiving the acceptance to Middlebury College in Vermont. Dolan (`11) was drawn to the school because of its isolation from big cities, availability for great study abroad programs, liberal arts education, and the Quidditch team. Currently, he is leaning towards an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing and Neuroscience. “College is going to be completely different than any other prior educational experience,” says Dolan (`11). “There’s going to be so much more freedom and responsibility. I’m so excited to get out and move on to a whole new place more than anything.”

Athletics have led many students in the senior class to their final college decision as well. With a strong passion for sports, students like Cam Carmen (`11) have signed on to various college teams.Carmen (`11) will be attending Mount Union University to play for their Division 3 football team. “Football has been a large part of my high school years and I’m so glad I’ve gotten the opportunity to continue something I love throughout college as well,” says Carmen (`11).Other students such as John Chaney (`11) and Brittany Link (`11) have committed to college sports. Chaney (`11) will be playing golf at Eastern Michigan University in the fall and Link (`11) will be playing volleyball for Brown University.

With one door closing, the Class of 2011 looks forward to opening the many doors of their respective futures.