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Toasty Talent

Nick Redding (`13) toasts a piece of his favorite kind of bread.

“YEAH TOAST!” screamed out Nick Redding (`13) during convocation as students gazed on in awe. The sophomore performed his toast song, with accompaniment of toaster percussions. Here’s the inside scoop behind the epic convocation.

Mrs. Redding showed her son the video of Heywood Banks’ stand-up comedy act where he dedicates a song to his love of toast. Redding (`13) started singing it in study hall. Eventually, word of the toast song got out, and soon students were demanding that he sing it.

Mr. Seetch, his English instructor, allowed Nick to perform the song for the first ten minutes of English 10 one day. In History and Chemistry, students boycotted class until Nick performed his song. Many of his friends encouraged Nick to perform his song during Convocation. Mr. Seetch saw the toasty talent of Redding (`13) as an opportunity to kick-off his newly developed Hidden Talents initiative. Mr. Seetch plans to showcase the unknown talents of students. What better way to spread awareness of this program than through an already popular Redding (`13) singing a ridiculous song?

Without any hesitation or deliberation, Redding (`13) agreed to perform in Convocation. Redding (`13) purchased a Salvation Army toaster. When about to go on, he had the ‘serious willies.’ All nervousness faded away once he began to sing and the laughter followed.

“I knew I’d never be able to go back after that. I’ll always be remembered for that song,” says Redding (`13). However, he plans to go beyond toasty bread. He says, “I’ve got plenty of secret plans in the works.”

Since the October performance of Redding (`13), Mr. Seetch seeks personality and courage for his Hidden Talents initiative. Christian Borkey recently stepped up to the plate by performing a mashup of popular songs. The talents can be funny or serious, including, but not limited to, dancing, acting, performing music, and yo-yoing. Mr. Seetch states, “My main goal is to have one or two showcases a month. It’s time to see what Gilmour students are really capable of.”