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SOM Center Road Construction Leads to Hair Pulling Traffic

The construction site just outside of the SOM Center entrance into the Academy is a sight soon to be gone.

Cruising into school is going to be so smooth that even jazz musicians may be envious. The paving of SOM, started on November 15, will soon earn the praise of the entire community. The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District needed to replace the sewer line from SOM Circle to Cedar Road. As of November 26, the construction will be complete.

Mr. Dan Kohn, Director of Maintenance, insists that the work is on schedule. A broken water line in October forced Mr. Kohn to shut off the water on campus and this affected the dormers for one night, but the broken water line and later a broken gas line did not set back the construction.

The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District will also restore the trenches and repair any damaged driveways by the November 26 completion date. Furthermore, the contractor will restore any part of the eastern side of SOM that may be damaged when the western side is paved. If drivers report flat tires or any vehicular damage due to the construction, the contractor has agreed to review potential reimbursable claims.

Of the students that drive to school, those who come east on Cedar Road have been the most frequently late. And those coming from all directions are still delayed by rerouted traffic. Students are still leaving their homes earlier, but being on time depends on the morning traffic. Kiera Finelli (`11) takes SOM the entire way to school coming from Solon. She says, “The traffic gets so backed up sometimes that I end up being late anyways.”

According to Mr. Teisl, delays mainly depend on the equipment being used. Machines are moving in all directions and drivers are forced to stop to let them carry on causing traffic build up. The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District has been very responsive to the school’s request of no road blocks from 7:45 AM to 8:05 AM. They do the best they can to try not to cause major blockage.