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Analysis By A Heartbroken Fan


When you’re reading this article, it’s been about three weeks since you saw Rajon Rondo dribble out the clock of game six in the Eastern Conference semifinals. This has happened the past five seasons in the playoffs and the past forty seasons for the Cavaliers overall.

But in order to deal with the numerous blows promising Cleveland teams have been dealt, you have to do what Clevelanders are best at, talking about next year.

The main question that is asked is, “Where’s Lebron going to go?” Everyone has their opinion. Here’s mine. Lebron wants to be a legit superstar, and there is no better place to do that than in Madison Square Garden in New York City. Yes, he is from Cleveland (sort of) and he could probably win three more MVP’s while he’s here, but Cleveland is a team that gets limited exposure and fanfare outside of Cleveland. However, we all know he could be a gigantic superstar if he moved to Chicago, New York, or L.A.. Later, Lebron.

Mike Brown was another big problem with the fans. Stan Van Gundy of the Magic outcoached him and dismantled the Cavs in six games. Vinnie Del Negro outcoached him in the first round this year, but the Cavs simply had more talent than the Bulls, and finally, Mike Brown was outdone by Doc Rivers this year in the second round as the Celtics ran the Cavaliers out of the building in all four of their wins.

Mo Williams, on the other hand, could stand to be fired, or traded. Mo Williams is an offensive minded shooting guard playing point
guard on a defensive minded team. It doesn’t work out. He has no business guarding the likes of Rajon Rondo or Derrick Rose, and we learned that the hard way. Maybe play Delonte West at point guard. His defense is certainly better, and he can score at least 10 points a night. Of course, if you got rid of Mo, who can score 20 points a night, you need a new guard. Who fills the void?

There are certainly a lot of questions to be answered this off season, hopefully leading to a NBA Championship. Hopefully. So long Mike Brown.