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Announcement Club Returns!

Mr. Greenfield, Jack Dolan (`11), Ryan Tobbe (`11) and Casey Weinfurtner (`11) are geared up and ready to announce and entertain.

Extreme skipping, panda suits, and Cambodian rats. These are all signs of last year’s convocation comedians, The Announcement Club. It all started four years ago with Sam Stefanik (`08) and Mike Ciuni (`08). The point of the club is to make entertaining announcements for other clubs and organizations. Some notable announcements are the ‘Spirit Club’ video and the futures of the class of `08.

“My day was better whenever they did a skit,” says Allie Dahlhausen `11. Everyone loved the zany and clever announcements, but this year they all seem to have ceased. What happened to the Announcement Club?

“We have not completely disbanded,” says Mr. Greenfield, the club’s proctor. “But we’ve lost all of our main seniors. We are basically trying to find our bearings as of now. We need leaders to step up to the plate.”

Up until right now, the Announcement Club has enjoyed exponential growth. “It’s hard to work with such a large group of people,” says Mr. Greenfield, “Meetings are hard to set up and cooperation is difficult. And of course everyone wants the starring role.” Obviously it’s not easy to cast twenty people in one skit. For now, the only ‘official’ members of the club are Jack Dolan (`11), Casey Weinfurt-
ner (`11), and Ryan Tobbe (`11). Mr. Greenfield and club leaders are considering holding auditions to discover and secure new members.

The main issue the club faces is lack of clientele. They have not had proposals recently, meaning they have no reason to entertain students after eight in the morning. Mr. Greenfield says, “We can’t just perform pointless skits. We would like to, but the faculty wouldn’t support that. Until we did the Homecoming video, we hadn’t had any real proposals since February.”

Despite all concerns, the new leaders of the Announcement Club have big plans in the future. “Stay tuned for videos galore,” says Tobbe (`11) , a senior notorious for his convocation announcements, “Casey, Jack, and I have something in the works.”

Quality is important to the new leaders. Weinfurtner (`11) states, “We’re not going to put anything up there that isn’t humorous to a decent amount of kids. We want everyone to enjoy our jokes. And we especially want to avoid any awkward-supposed-to-be-funny silences. Nothing is worse than a failed announcement.”

So have faith, fellow Gilmour students. The comedy acts during Convo will soon return, not necessarily bigger, but definitely better than ever before.