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Seniors… Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Casey Weinfurtner (`11), Andrea Massaad (`11), Kiera Finelli (`11), Ryan Shepard (`11) and Kurtis Wilber (`11) cheer on the Lancers at a fall football game.

Welcome back seniors and get ready to rumble…Lancer Rumble that is! We have finally begun our last

We have finally begun our last year here at Gilmour. We have made it through the powerless freshman year, the awkward sophomore year, the difficult junior year, and here we are now the “top dog” seniors ready for an amazing year.Even though we have been

Even though we have been burdened with these new rules that change the school atmosphere, nothing can bring us down.We all may have memories

We all may have memories and stories from our previous years together, but we will make lifetime memories this year.

The school year has started off with great senior support. We have become leaders, spirited fans, comedians, and maybe even a little obnoxious to “the prey” of our Lancers. For anyone who was at the

For anyone who was at the Hawken football game on September 10th, you know the fan support I am talking about. As many say, “We went hawk hunting.” It is very intimidating for the other teams when there is a large blue square, or as Frank Pines (`11) would say “a blue out,” taking up about half of the stands, jumping and yelling. We are intense, we are excited, and we are here to prove that no one can get rowdier than the class of 2011.

Our class is made up of a variety of talented people: athletes, musicians, artists, and geniuses. You can look at this like a recipe for cookies. Everyone is an ingredient and when they all come together, they make the best dang Gilmour cookies you have ever had. Although some may believe this class is a recipe for disaster, we will impress everyone with the final result.

We are all starting those dreadful college applications that for some reason can’t fill themselves out. The repetitive questions about family members, clubs, activities, and essays begin to get annoying, yet it is the process every Gilmour senior must go through even those hockey players wanting to go play juniors.

College Applications 101: Start with talking to your college counselor. They are there to help us and we are going to need their help.

What makes a good senior class is one that stands together. We may goof off and get nothing done during a class meeting, but we are a class that is very united.

We have become responsible leaders of the school by taking charge. We know that if something happens, the faculty will look to us because we are the seniors, and we are ready to take on the challenge.

Class of 2011…please fasten your seat belts. Keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. Enjoy the ride of senior year.