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S.O.M. Center Construction is underway

S.O.M. Center Road (State Route 91) will be under construction from October 4th to November 26th, 2010 due to a new sewer pipe being installed.

Starting on October 4, construction began on SOM Center Road to extend a sewer pipe which already exists on Cedar Road. Construction will take place from Gates Mills circle to Cedar Road and will last until November 26th. The detour route for students coming from the north goes as follows; drive east up Gates Mills Boulevard, take a right onto Cedar Road, and then take a left onto SOM and enter Gilmour from the south. All drivers are adjusting.

Matt Pestotnik (’11) says, “It does not bother me. I love a little extra driving in the morning so I get more time to listen to my favorite radio programs.” Evan Stefanski (’11) has a different view. “I run into heavy traffic every day as it is, and now I am forced to run into Convocation to avoid yet another detention.”

Students heading north at the end of the day have no trouble exiting, but students having to head south have a difficult time. Nick Hanson (’11) says, “I have to drive the opposite way of my house and then back, and I really just want to get home.”

Though the construction on SOM Center is causing all drivers to reroute themselves to and from campus, leaving early and/or carpooling are two suggestions that may help ease the stress of busy mornings and afternoons.