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New GAnet Webpage Introduces Intranet

This is the new consistent look of GAnet after its merge with Gilmour.org

On September 25-27, the new GAnet launched and made its first appearance to faculty and students. The new GAnet website is now con-sistant with Gilmour.org, which provides information about the Gilmour Mission, school athletics, and other general notes. Current students rarely ventured onto Gilmour.org because GANet provided more useful information for students. GANet becoming part of Gilmour.org is meant to better protect the community with an intranet.

This new intranet makes Gilmour content only available to Gilmour students and faculty, in order to keep things safe in the vast world of the internet. Requiring a login to view pictures, events and other postings ensure the community that certain information is only accessible to those associated with the Gilmour community.

With the advent of the new web page, gilmour.org and ganet. Gilmour have been blended into one site which combines the two. Student reactions have ranged from positive and upbeat to very negative and resentful.

Kaitlyn Ambrose (`11)says, “I love it. It’s so easy to use, all the links and helpful information is at your fingertips waiting to be taken advantage of.” However, Kurt Wilber (`11) says, “This website is too confusing. It definitely takes some getting used to. I really liked the old GAnet. This new ultra site is not the same at all.”

While all the links are right there for use, students and faculty have to do an extra login on the website to access them, which is different than the GAnet website where you only had to log in once, when first signing onto the computer. Diana Klonaris (`12) says, “I don’t see why I have to log in to view what’s for lunch or see pictures of my friends.”

As some features of Gilmour.org are certain to be useful and appreciated, being new is not always easy.