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From Class to Woods


The environment is obviously very important. Students are given the opportunity to show their concern for it here, on campus. The Environmental Club (E Club) and the Environmental Science course are offered to aid students in doing so. Both were established to broader students’ awareness of their connection to the earth.

Mr. Klein, teacher of Environmental Science, strives to get students to think locally and help globally. This includes caring for environmental issues on campus. Students taking this course are studying water quality of St. Mary’s Lake and the Lower School Lake.

Both the E Club and the Environmental Science class participate in a number of environmentally friendly activities and field trips. Students were able to take part in the Lake Erie Boat Float and those in the E Club will be participating in a beach cleanup. Mr.Klein hopes that they will be able to band together with NHS to do so.

All students are encouraged to join the Environmental Club. The club is open to environmental trips, activities, and they welcome different guest speakers. Each year breakfasts are held for E Club members to further learn about the environment and their opportunities to help. There is usually a speaker at each breakfast meeting. In the year, there is an average of three speakers that visit.

As many have noticed, there are recycling bins around campus provided by the E Club. Members are overjoyed to see these bins overflowing with paper. As for future plans, the E Club is working on receiving a grant for more recycling containers. These will be used for bottles and will be placed in the Ice Arena and the new gym.